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Side Stone Engagement Rings

Enjoy a magnificent sparkle from every angle with a side stone engagement ring. These opulent designs radiate a fiery brilliance, whether the central stone is accentuated by sophisticated baguette diamonds or vintage-inspired twists. Glamorous brides who believe that diamonds are a girl's best friend will adore a side stone engagement ring and its abundant selection of gems to admire. Prove that you'll always go the extra mile for your love with a dazzling diamond ring with side stones.

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Finding the perfect engagement ring is an exciting milestone in any relationship. To show your commitment and devotion, choose from our lab grown side stone engagement rings featuring a larger diamond with smaller stones on the side.

These pieces are admired for their classic beauty and feature a single lab grown diamond, similar to a solitaire ring, but with additional smaller diamonds cascading down the sides of the ring for an extra touch of class and sparkle. The side stone engagement ring takes a simple setting and makes it sensational!

Side Stone Engagement Rings: A Timeless Choice

Side stone engagement rings are known for their ageless elegance and ability to showcase the center stone. These rings feature smaller diamonds or gemstones placed alongside the main diamond, creating a stunning visual effect.

The side stones add brilliance and sparkle to the ring and enhance the center stone’s beauty and size. Whether you opt for a traditional ring, like this Double Row Side Stone piece, or a contemporary design, like the Double Twist Heart Side Stone Engagement Ring, these pieces make a lasting impression.

The Benefits of a Lab Grown Side Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

A lab created side stone engagement ring is an excellent choice to surprise your partner with during the proposal of their dreams. These rings are versatile, incandescently brilliant, and more sustainable than naturally mined diamonds, making them the ideal symbol of enduring love and commitment.

Beauty with a Sustainable Twist

Lab grown diamonds have gained popularity as an ethical and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds. These diamonds are created in a laboratory using advanced technology that replicates the natural diamond-growing process.

Choosing a side stone engagement ring with lab grown diamonds not only ensures their origin but also helps you make a more environmentally friendly choice for your partner’s ring. With the same brilliance, durability, and beauty as mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds offer a guilt-free option for those seeking a stunning and socially responsible engagement ring.

Versatility in Design

Badgley Mischka Colorless Emerald Side Stone Engagement Ring or a modern and unconventional design like the Crossover Micro Pave Round Side Stone Engagement Ring, you’ll find side stone rings that cater to your sweetheart’s taste.

The side stones can be arranged in different patterns and settings, providing endless possibilities to suit your desired look. For example, our Petite Bow Round Side Stone Engagement Ring features two rows of small side stones to complement the gorgeous round solitaire stone.

Added Brilliance

The additional stones in a side stone engagement ring increase the overall brilliance and sparkle of the ring. The combination of the center and side stones creates a captivating play of light, making the ring eye-catching. If you or your partner appreciate the beauty of a ring that catches and reflects light from every angle, a side stone engagement ring is an excellent choice.

Symbolic Meaning

Side stone engagement rings can also hold symbolic meaning. The center stone often represents the love and commitment between partners, while the side stones can symbolize other important aspects of the relationship. For example, each side stone could represent a milestone in your journey together. This symbolism adds depth and sentiment to the ring, making it even more meaningful.

Personalizing Your Side Stone Engagement Ring

Side stone engagement rings provide a wide range of options when selecting side stones. You can choose from diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or other gemstones that hold personal significance. For example, our Round Sapphire Side Stone Engagement Ring alternates bold blue sapphires with clear diamonds for a unique look.

Consider other factors such as color, cut, and carat weight to complement your center stone and create a unique and personalized design. Along with our wide selection of pre-set rings, Grown Brilliance also offers customization options, allowing you to tailor the ring to your partner’s taste and style, ensuring a truly one-of-a-kind symbol of your love.

Use our simple design-your-own platform to select your ring style, shape, carat, setting, and metal for a customized engagement ring. If you have a more intricate design in mind, you can work with our jewelry artisans through our Truly Custom ring design service, which lets you upload a photo, description, or drawing of your ideal ring. Our designers will provide a 3D rendering and create your ring in just 14 days.

Our lab grown diamond side stone engagement rings are available in various center stone shapes, including round, oval, cushion, pear, emerald, radiant, princess, marquise, asscher, and heart. They are also available in a wide range of sizes, from 1 to 8 carats.

Get the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Partner

Side stone engagement rings offer a combination of enhanced beauty, personalization, versatility, symbolism, and timeless appeal. These rings allow you to create a stunning and meaningful piece of jewelry that reflects your unique love story.

Selecting an engagement ring for your soulmate is an exciting and heartfelt endeavor. Here are some friendly tips to help you along the way.

  • Pay close attention to your partner’s style. Take note of the jewelry they wear and the colors they prefer. This will give you insight into their personal taste and help you choose a ring that matches their unique style

  • Keep an ear out for any hints they may have dropped. Have they mentioned a specific gemstone they love or admire someone’s ring? These little clues can guide you in finding the perfect ring that will make their heart skip a beat.

  • Consider their lifestyle as well. You might opt for a more durable and practical ring design if they lead an active life or work with their hands. It’s essential to choose something that looks stunning and fits comfortably into their everyday life.

  • Don’t forget the power of personalization! Adding a special touch to the ring, like engraving a meaningful date or incorporating a birthstone, can make it even more sentimental and unique to your relationship.

  • Trust your instincts and remember that the ring’s value lies in the love and commitment it symbolizes. Stay within your budget and choose a ring that speaks to your heart. After all, it’s the thought and love behind the ring that truly matters. Enjoy the process and have fun finding the perfect ring to celebrate your everlasting love!

Traditionally, spending around two to three months’ salary on an engagement ring was normal. However, this guideline has become outdated, and choosing a ring that fits within your budget and feels right for you and your partner is more important.

Strike a balance between finding a beautiful ring that your partner will love and ensuring your long-term financial well-being. Remember that the value of the ring lies in the sentiment and love behind it rather than the price tag. At Grown Brilliance, our side stone rings start at around CA$2,240 because we believe every bride-to-be deserves a beautiful engagement ring.

Focus on finding a ring that resonates with you and your partner. Ultimately, what matters most is the thought and effort you put into selecting a ring that symbolizes your commitment and love.

Engagement and wedding rings are both symbols of love and commitment, but they serve different purposes and are typically worn at different times in a couple’s journey.

An engagement ring is traditionally given during the proposal or engagement period. It symbolizes the intention to marry and is worn by the person who has been proposed to. They are typically adorned with a center stone, such as a diamond or a gemstone, and may include additional side stones or intricate designs. They are usually more elaborate and eye-catching, designed to showcase the commitment and love between the couple.

A wedding ring, also known as a wedding band, is exchanged between partners during the wedding ceremony. It is a symbol of marriage commitment and is worn by both partners.

Wedding rings are typically simpler and more understated than engagement rings. They are often made of precious metals like gold or platinum and can be personalized with engravings or small embellishments. Wedding rings are meant to be worn every day as a constant reminder of the vows exchanged and the lifelong commitment made. When you customize your engagement ring, we can design a matching wedding band.

While the engagement ring is given before the wedding to signify the intention to marry, the wedding ring is exchanged and worn as a symbol of the union during the wedding ceremony and throughout the marriage. Both rings hold significant sentimental value and represent the love and commitment shared between partners in different stages of the relationship.