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Pear Engagement Rings

Lab-Grown Diamond - Pear Engagement Rings

The ideal combination of sparkle and boldness, pear engagement rings offer incredible scintillation in an eye-catching shape. This beautiful design is made for daring brides that march to the beat of their own drum. Flattering, elegant, and versatile, owners of pear engagement rings can enjoy an elongated silhouette and extra styling options as this unique cut looks amazing from any angle. Embark on the most romantic adventure of your life with a beautiful pear engagement ring.

Grown Brilliance is the premier choice for lab-created diamonds; check out our diamond pear engagement rings selection, featuring one-of-a-kind lab-grown diamonds in white gold, yellow gold, and more. Browse online! We’re sure you’ll find the perfect diamond pear engagement ring for your soulmate!

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The classic solitaire or round-cut diamond rings may be popular for engagement and bridal jewelry, but for buyers looking for an elegant and unique design, pear engagement rings offer an appealing alternative. Their teardrop shape, reminiscent of a drop of crystal-clear water, represents an unconventional and captivating choice for those who love to defy traditions.

The Design

The magic of the pear-shaped engagement ring is in its eye-catching design. It combines the brilliant facets of round cut and the modern, edgy style of marquise cut, blending tradition and uniqueness to make your engagement ring truly unforgettable. At Grown Brilliance, we offer a range of settings to complement the alluring shape of your pear-shaped diamond:


The solitaire setting features a single, striking diamond as the centerpiece, allowing the pear-shaped gem to take center stage and shine with unparalleled brilliance. This minimalist design accentuates the diamond’s natural beauty, highlighting its graceful curves and silhouette.

Double Prong

The double prong setting is an exceptional choice for enhancing the beauty of a pear-shaped diamond. This setting style features two prongs on each end of the gem, cradling the diamond securely while exposing more of its surface, allowing the stone to shine even brighter.

Side Stone

Smaller gemstones, typically diamonds, are set along the band’s sides in a side stone setting, framing the pear-shaped diamond at the center. This arrangement creates a stunning contrast between the larger, eye-catching pear diamond and the sparkling accents, drawing attention to the center stone and enhancing its visual impact.

Halo and Hidden Halo

In a halo setting, a circle of smaller diamonds surrounds the center pear-shaped diamond, creating a stunning halo effect. The hidden halo setting takes the allure to the next level. With smaller diamonds set on the band’s underside, this style encircles the center stone from below, adding a touch of mystery and romance.

Stone Options

Pear cut engagement rings come in a variety of stone options. While diamond remains a timeless favorite, couples are exploring alternative gemstones for a touch of personalization and color.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Both mined and lab grown diamonds bring an unmatched brilliance and hardness that ensures the ring will last a lifetime. If your heart is set on a diamond's traditional sparkle and durability, a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is an excellent choice.

Lab grown diamonds have emerged as an excellent alternative to mined diamonds. They offer the same physical and chemical properties, including the same sparkle and hardness, but are grown in a laboratory under high-pressure, high-temperature conditions.

Lab grown diamonds are more environmentally friendly and socially ethical and offer more affordable prices, making them a wonderful option for those seeking sustainable and cost-effective luxury.


Sapphires, known for their stunning deep-blue hue, lend a regal feel to pear engagement rings. With their durability, second only to diamonds, sapphires are suitable for everyday wear. Sapphires are also associated with symbolizing sincerity, truth, faithfulness, and loyalty, which makes them a meaningful choice for an engagement ring.


Emeralds, with their enchanting green hue, bring a touch of nature and a vintage feel to pear engagement rings. However, emeralds are slightly softer and require careful handling to prevent scratching. An emerald engagement ring is ideal for those who value the gemstone’s historical significance and unique color.


Ruby pear engagement rings offer a vibrant red color associated with intense love and passion. Rubies also complement various metal settings, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Their versatility allows for numerous design options and combinations, making creating a unique and personalized engagement ring easier.

Create Your Own Custom Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

At Grown Brilliance, we believe your engagement ring should be as unique and special as your love story. So, we offer two incredible options for designing your custom pear-shaped engagement ring, ensuring it truly reflects your style and emotions.

Design Your Own

With our user-friendly design-your-own platform, you can bring your vision to life. Select your desired carat weight, choose the perfect setting, and pick your preferred metal – all with just a few clicks. This guided approach makes it easy to create a personalized piece while enjoying the confidence of expert craftsmanship.

Truly Custom

If you want an even more tailored experience, choose our Truly Custom ring design service. Share your dream ring with us, whether it’s a sketch, photo, or description. Our skilled artisans will work the pear-shaped diamond, carat, metal, and ring size. In just 14 days, we’ll present you with a 3D rendering of your masterpiece.

Pear-shaped engagement rings are an excellent choice for everyday wear. Their design, with a rounded end and pointed tip, ensures comfort and durability. The gemstone’s secure setting minimizes the risk of snagging or catching on clothing.

The pear shape adds a touch of elegance to your everyday look, making it perfect for any occasion – from casual outings to formal events. However, since a ring is a high-impact piece of jewelry, you’ll need to remove the ring when cleaning, exercising, or performing other daily activities to reduce the risk of damaging the setting.

Three stone rings have a greater symbolic significance than engagement rings with side diamonds. Side stone engagement rings feature diamonds along the shank, while three-stone rings contain only the three stones, often called the “Past, Present, and Future” stones, symbolizing the journey of romance, commitment, and the passing of time. Ultimately, the choice and design preference is yours; both are stunning rings.

A three stone engagement ring is an ideal choice to symbolize the eternal bond of love. Also known as the Past, Present and Future ring, it represents the story of romance, commitment, and the passing of time. The center stone is usually the largest of the three, while the side stones signify the past and future.

With their distinctive teardrop shape and various stone options, Pear engagement rings offer a unique and personalized symbol of your love. Be it the traditional sparkle of diamonds, the deep-blue allure of sapphires, the green enchantment of emeralds, or the passionate red of rubies, the choices are as endless as your love for each other. Browse Grown Brilliance to explore our stunning collection of pear engagement rings.