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Lab Created Diamond

Stud Earrings

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Diamond stud earrings are cherished for their elegant simplicity and timeless appeal. Their versatile design makes them an ideal accessory for casual and formal attire, blending sophistication with understated charm for a touch of everyday luxury.

At Grown Brilliance, we carry several lab grown diamond stud earrings styles. Choose from diamond stud earrings in different carat sizes, precious metal settings and cuts to find the perfect accessory for your everyday wear or event ensemble.

Exquisite Metal Settings for Your Diamond Stud Earrings

With Grown Brilliance, you can select the ideal metal setting for diamond stud earrings. Your choice of metal reflects your taste, lending a unique hue to your diamond studs. We offer 14K yellow, white and rose gold or platinum for all our lab grown diamond studs:

  • Yellow gold. Known for its classic appeal and timeless beauty, gold is a traditional choice that highlights the luster of diamonds. Yellow gold gives a vintage 1960s feel to cushion diamond studs with four tear-shaped prongs.

  • White gold. Offering a contemporary spin, white gold’s cool tone is modern and complements diamonds with a timeless, sophisticated appeal. White gold looks especially beautiful on bezel set solitaire oval studs, giving them a monochrome border for visual interest.

  • Rose gold. With its warm, pinkish hue, rose gold adds a touch of romance and vintage charm to your diamond studs. Rose gold brings a whimsical look to our three prong round single stud earring, perfect for warmer skin tones.

  • Platinum. Renowned for its durability and white sheen, platinum is a premium choice that showcases modern luxury and enduring elegance. Choose a platinum metal setting for blue diamond stud earrings for a brilliant shine.

Choosing Your Diamond

Grown Brilliance lets you select the perfect lab created diamond for your stud earrings. We offer a range of choices for your diamond based on the 4C’s — color, cut, clarity and carat, so you can build the ideal piece of jewelry for your collection.

  • Color. Our palette of gem colors extends beyond the classic white diamond to include the enchanting hues of emeralds, the deep allure of fancy blue diamonds and the regal appeal of sapphires. Your choice of color can echo your personality, add a unique touch to your ensemble or hold a special sentimental significance.

  • Cut. The cut of a diamond is a critical aspect that defines its brilliance and shape. Each shows true craftsmanship with several cuts and shapes like the classic round, romantic oval, vintage emerald cut or the multi-shape diamond stud. Your choice highlights your style, whether traditional elegance or contemporary chic.

  • Clarity. Clarity in a diamond refers to the absence of blemishes and helps determine a diamond’s visual beauty. The clarity ratings of diamonds include terms like VVS (Very, Very Slightly Included), VS (Very Slightly Included), SI (Slightly Included) and I (Included) with VS indicating a higher clarity grade with minor inclusions.

    Our diamond stud earrings have high clarity ratings for exceptional brilliance and appeal. For instance, our square princess cut studs have diamonds with a VS2+ rating, while round six-prong studs have diamonds with a rating of VS1+.

  • Carat. The carat weight of a diamond is a measure of its size and presence. Grown Brilliance offers several size options, from the delicate allure of under-one-carat diamonds to the grandeur of a 12-carat masterpiece. Whether you prefer something subtle or desire a bold statement piece, the carat weight reflects your style and the statement you wish to make

Create a One-of-a-Kind Pair of Diamond Stud Earrings

While we carry an extensive selection of classic and distinctive diamond stud earring designs, we can also help you design your own pieces. Work with our artisans through the Truly Custom service for a unique, customized pair of earrings.

With Truly Custom, we can bring your design vision to life. Start by uploading sketches or images and detailing your earring design. Within 2-4 days, our design team will provide a 3D render, allowing you to see your dream earrings take shape. If you need further clarity, book a virtual appointment with us.

Once you’re satisfied, select your preferred metal and finalize your purchase. In just 14 days from your order, your customized earrings will be ready to wear.

Protect Your Diamond Earrings With Grown Brilliance

Grown Brilliance stands firmly behind the quality of our jewelry and lab grown diamonds. Every piece you purchase comes with a lifetime manufacturing warranty, assuring you that it’s free from manufacturing defects and that our diamonds retain their clarity and brilliance.

We also offer affordable repairs on all our jewelry, including diamond stud earrings. We offer gem re-polishing, rhodium re-plating on white gold posts and backings, and comprehensive cleaning.

Shine Brighter with Grown Brilliance

Grown Brilliance diamond stud earrings blend modern innovation and classic beauty. Each earring symbolizes luxury and eco-consciousness, enabling you to wear diamond jewelry you can feel good about.

With free shipping within the U.S. and free 30-day returns, Grown Brilliance ensures a hassle-free shopping experience. Explore our range of lab grown diamond stud earrings to find the perfect piece to add to your jewelry collection.

Choosing the right carat size involves considering your style, comfort, and budget. Smaller carats are versatile and comfortable for everyday wear, while larger carats make a bold statement. Consider a size that complements your features without overwhelming them and suits your lifestyle and the occasions you plan to wear them.


The 4-prong setting is a popular choice and we offer a variety of other settings, including 3-prong, 6-prong, halo, multi-shape, and additional settings. These settings can be used to create a unique and personalized look.

Most of our earrings come with guardian backings; however, we can potentially accommodate other backings, such as screw-on backings, upon request. Please contact with your request.